How will the essay be evaluated?

Familiarity with the scores obtained on a real exam of essay writing (see the section with examples) can help you determine the further path for self-improvement.

Band 9 – your writing is perfect.

Band 8 – no errors, full compliance with the format of the exam.

Band 7 – your written work has minor flaws, but completely corresponds to the format of the exam.

The essay writer demonstrates a clear ability to write both at the logical and syntactic levels, although there may be individual errors. Compositions this category:

  • adequately answer the written assignment;
  • well organized and logically constructed;
  • Illustrate by suitable examples to confirm the position
  • demonstrate the ability to use various grammatical tools, wise choice of words.

Band 6 – there are a few errors that do not violate the understanding of meaning; all the rules of registration of work are observed; the given topic is disclosed logically and meaningfully; the candidate demonstrates the ability to write both at the logical and syntactic levels, although there may be some errors. Compositions of this category:

  • can disclose individual parts of the job better than others;
  • Usually well organized and logically constructed;
  • use examples to confirm a thesis or an idea;
  • show the ease of using the language;
  • demonstrate some ability to use different grammatical

means and a fairly broad vocabulary.

Band 5 – a small number of errors, some shortcomings: there is no connective word,

there are 3 paragraphs, but there are 2, although the logic requires the allocation of 3 paragraphs, inaccurate handwriting. The candidate demonstrates minimal skills to write essays on both logical and syntactical levels. Compositions of this category:

  • adequately disclose the topic, but some parts of the assignment are not covered;
  • adequately organized, logically constructed;
  • use separate examples to confirm the thesis or illustrate the idea;
  • demonstrate adequate, but possibly insufficient, ease of use

grammar and vocabulary;

  • may contain some errors that sometimes distort the meaning.

Band 4 – a badly disclosed topic, there is no logic, there are mistakes. The candidate shows some development in mastering the letter, but remains insufficiently competent both at the logic level and at the syntactic level.

The writing of this category can demonstrate one or more of the following drawbacks:

  • unsuccessful logic or its development;
  • inappropriate or inadequate examples to confirm or illustrate general provisions;
  • a noticeably inappropriate choice of words or their forms;
  • A significant number of grammatical and / or lexical errors.

Band 3 – formally written, but the topic is not disclosed, a large number of errors. The candidate shows incompetence. The writing of this category is seriously affected by one or more of the following shortcomings:

  • serious lack of organization and insufficient disclosure of the topic;
  • little or no examples, as well as non-reference details;
  • gross and frequent mistakes in the structure of sentences and the use of words;
  • serious problems in covering the topic.

Band 2 – everything is bad, but at least something is written. The candidate demonstrates incompetence. Composition of this category: may be inconsistent; not completed; may contain serious and repeated spelling mistakes.

Band 1 – there are unreadable sentences, no grammar; this happens when the topic is very enthralling, and the language potential is very small.

Band 0 is put for failing to attend the exam.

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