How to cheat antiplagiarism?

Any student knows that studying without the ability to bypass the requirements of teachers turns into a dry and boring occupation. It is no accident that the creation of cribs, the writing of the same abstracts and even coursework has long been put in the student’s environment to a professional level. And today, with the development of information technology, there was also a need to deceive not only teachers, but also … a computer program. But how else if almost every professor requires an examination of an essay, a lecture and a coursework for the existence of plagiarism. And plagiarism can be anything, from ill-formed quotes without references, to the use of popular expressions and complex words. Today every student knows what Anti-Plagiarism is, and is looking for his own way to outwit the conditions exposed by this application.

Antiplagiat-killer, a program designed to deceive the system Antiplagiat.

How to bypass the complex system of data selection for verification by the Anti-Plagiarism? There are several options, but all of them, at once, should be stipulated, are far from ideal.

Replacing a part of the letters in words: to make your text recognized as unique, you can try to replace in some words those parts of the text that cause doubts, Cyrillic symbols in Latin. The letter “C” of the Russian is replaced by the Latin “c”, the Russian “n” – in the uppercase English “h” and so on.

To bypass the test, you can try to replace the whitespace with some white character, however, the latest updates of the application can mark the text as suspicious, because instead of separate words it will abound with very long and unfamiliar system of word forms. And another drawback of this method, as well as of the previous one, is that it is fraught with electronic errors to submit the finished text, processed in this way: any editor like Word “and immediately marks the replaced fragments as spelling mistakes.

In order for the parts of other people’s works to be used for their own, one of the synonyms can be used – programs that specialize in the selection of synonyms for words. This method is loved by many freelancers, rewriters, because it does not require any intellectual activity – only a mechanical patient work to replace words. The same principle, by the way, is advertised in the network Antiplagiat-killer, a program designed just to deceive the system Antiplagiat.

Full translation of the sources used in the task with their own words remains the most effective method of content uniqueness. Especially, if you avoid writing a lot of terms while writing, do not use quoting and references to other authors.

But the most effective way to outwit a check is to write completely your own, unique work, to which the system of searching for similar fragments cannot find fault.

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